Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy summarizes the company's objectives, such as the ideal consumers and the plan to reach them. It's a game plan of tactics and tricks for the marketing activities that will undertake in the months and years ahead to help the company expand. A strong marketing strategy has a strong impact on the company's growth. Likewise, we have planned a strong marketing strategy at PURE.
PURE will partner with several exchanges and blockchain companies to help promote its platform globally, as many partners have already reached out and we should have a deal sealed for our big launch.
Bounty and Airdrop campaigns are some of the best marketing techniques for every crypto project. Free tokens will be given out all through and some free NFTs as well.
PURE will host several blockchain / NFT summits in various continents of the world virtually. These events will bring various crypto influencers together and thereby promoting our services and will allow education to those who don't understand the technology.
Will eventually be listed on major top-volume exchanges like Binance & Coinbase. For the time being, will be listed on Coinsbit, Crex24, Hotbit, exchange, the CoinMarketCap top coin list, PancakeSwap for a liquidity pool & More this is to enable our users to check on regular prices on exchanges, trade our tokens, and as well know our rank on CoinMarketCap & Coingecko.
Social media today is an efficient marketing technique for every industry. PURE will adopt all social media marketing strategies to market its platform and services. The platforms that will be used for paid ads contain Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.