Pure Wallet (PURE) was born in August 2022. Our vision is to compress all crypto solutions into one platform. We have our own Pure CEX, Pure DEX, Pure Mobile Wallet Application, Pure Staking Platform, Pure Swap, and Pure profit calculator. At the same time to have a decentralized asset on the blockchain be accessible not only to industry insiders but rather something that can be utilized by any user in the “real world”. It is essential to mention that with the emergence of all sorts of tokens, many users and businesses struggle to find leverage in the existing financial infrastructure. Our pursuit is to create an interconnected paradigm where physical and virtual platforms become a reality. PURE is developed to provide crypto-enthusiasts with easy and enormous returns compared to traditional financial elements like stocks or bonds. PURE has an ecosystem of products that offers a variety of Defi protocols to deliver an engaging and happy crypto experience to the end users. PURE is a rebase project focusing on creating benefits and value for the $PURE token holders. PURE offers many features in one platform.